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Redefining Education: The Rise of Microschools

The world continues to grapple with the long-lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the field of education. Among the challenges of maintaining school standards while prioritizing student safety, a groundbreaking solution has emerged to protect students and revolutionize the way we educate the younger generation: Microschools.

What are Microschools?

Microschools are compact versions of traditional K-12 schools. With enrollment populations typically ranging from 5 to 15 students, though occasionally reaching up to 150 in certain circumstances, these alternative educational institutions focus on tailored project-based learning for each individual.

Although microschools have existed for decades, they have recently gained significant attention at the forefront of education. As a result, the world is discovering the vast array of benefits these schools offer.

For instance, microschools provide a wide range of educational opportunities. They cover essential subjects such as English, math, science, and social studies, while some specialize in areas like horticulture or the arts. Additionally, microschools can be either secular or religious, catering to diverse student needs.

Due to their small size, microschools deliver a personalized learning experience. Students engage in project-based learning, focusing on practical activities that promote better information retention. In this setting, teachers act as mentors or guides rather than traditional lecturers.

Microschools can operate in various environments, including living rooms, shops, chapels, libraries, and office spaces. The tuition fees for privately-run microschools vary based on several factors, ranging from $4,000 to $25,000 per academic year.

Microschools A Progressive Educational Reform for a Post-COVID World?

Given the challenges of traditional schooling environments during the pandemic, many parents are assuming full responsibility for their children's education. Home-schooling has become the preferred option for numerous families in the United States, as the concept of having large groups of students in enclosed spaces no longer seems feasible.

Microschools offer an ideal solution to this predicament. With a manageable maximum enrollment of 10-12 students, lessons can be conducted comfortably from one's own home, even with just a single teacher. This arrangement reduces the risk of widespread disease transmission. Like telemedicine, microschools present a viable alternative for households striving to maintain educational stability.

The benefits extend beyond containing the spread of COVID-19. By utilizing the school's online network, teachers can create customized lesson plans for each student. Students can then choose specific activities from this pool that align with their preferred learning methodologies.


Become an Agent of Education  Reform By Starting Your Own Microschool

Despite the growing popularity of microschools, their availability remains limited. Consequently, there is a need for individuals who are willing to take a bold step forward.

Our organization offers expert support for educational solutions, boasting extensive experience in both education and small business. Contact us now to schedule a consultation session and explore the possibility of establishing your own microschool.


What People Are Saying About Us

Don't just take our word, take a look! 

Everglades Preparatory Academy, located in Pahokee, FL , contracted with Croix Management Group, for assistance with attaining accreditation for our charter, alternative high school. Laurel, the owner, came out to our campus on several occasions, becoming familiar with our school family, practices, mission, and goals.  Her school leadership experience and familiarity with the accreditation process, helped to calm our nerves.  She dove straight in, providing suggestions for improvement, and worked side-by side with the school administration to complete accreditation tasks and training on the continuous improvement model. She prepared our school well and even conducted classroom walk-throughs, and much more. We are absolutely thrilled to have received the AdvancED Accreditation seal of approval.  Thank You !

Edna Stephens, Everglades Preparatory Academy

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